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Patient Care America
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Patient Care America
Patient Care America
This month helps us raise awareness of malnutrition and its early detection and treatment.

These signs and symptoms can help identify when your patient may need nutritional support:

1. Unintentional weight loss
2. Poor dietary intake
3. Increased Fatigue/Weakness
4. Dropping albumin levels
5. Mental Fogginess
6. Muscle Wasting
7. Dark circles under the eyes

Dialysis treatments considerably reduce protein availability in the body, leading to malnutrition and related problems. Fortunately, Patient Care America offers IDPN / IPN nutrition therapy which helps increase the patients overall nutritional status, helping to improve their overall quality of life.

For more information contact your local Patient Care America Nutrition Therapy Consultant or call us at 866-348-0441

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Patient Care America
Patient Care America
As we end Nephrology Nurse week, Patient Care America would like to give a shoutout to all of our amazing Clinical Support Nurses who work directly with our patients to provide training and support throughout their IDPN/IPN treatment.

Learn more about our clinical services by visiting

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