Patient Care America – Covid-19 Announcement

Thank you for choosing Patient Care America as your IDPN/IPN provider. Here at PCA we have closely monitored the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and have implemented strict measures to continue providing optimal service while taking care of everyone’s health and safety.
Protecting our patients, clients and employees is our utmost priority, this is why we want to share what we as a company have done to respond to the situation.
Please note that as of March 2020, our sales and clinical nurse team replaced face to face clinical visits with virtual meetings providing the support clinics need to continue their patient’s therapy.
As we have learned more about this virus and its prevention, we have put guidelines and procedures in place for everyone to follow. Although we continue offering support virtually, our teams have been fully trained on all Covid-19 precautions and are now available for clinic and/or home visits when approved by the clinic.
Strict measures have been implemented for all visits, including the mandatory use of personal protective equipment and adherence to CDC guidance on social distancing during the visit.
At our home office we have scheduled our essential staff in various shifts assuring social distancing guidelines are maintained. Hand-sanitizers can be found in every hallway and facemask covering is required at all times while in the building.
Our State-of-the-Art cleanroom has continued to operate by implementing additional policies and procedures inclusive of maintaining stations socially distanced by 6 feet and limiting number of employees in small spaces. We have also as implemented additional cleaning procedures within the cleanroom and scheduled an hourly disinfection process throughout all pharmacy common areas.
Patient Care America is committed to training our teams to follow the highest level of safety so we can do what we know best, help our patients achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.
If you feel you would like more information, please contact us at 866-348-0441.