PCA Team

Each account at Patient Care America has its own Patient Care Team, consisting of the account’s Nutrition Therapy Consultant, and a dedicated Patient Care Intake Coordinator, Registered Dietitian, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Pharmacist, and the Warehouse team. Your team’s contact information will be provided at start of care.


Together, our Nutrition Therapy Consultant, Registered Dietitians, Nurses and Pharmacists provide their expert advice in helping identify and assess patient candidates based on guidelines for qualification. With the help of our clinical staff, Patient Care America works with your physicians and dietitians to ensure that the most effective formulation is compounded to satisfy your patient’s nutritional needs. We offer convenient delivery of all necessary therapy equipment and supplies directly to the dialysis center for in center hemodialysis or to the patient’s home for home hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

Patient Care America supports dialysis centers by providing in-person or virtual training to dialysis nurses covering therapy administration and reviewing all guidelines with the center’s clinicians. We will walk you through the entire therapeutic process and educate both the clinics and the patients to ensure a positive experience. Clinical Nurses are also available for IPN Home Training in person or virtually, helping patients incorporate daily therapy into their regimen.

To optimize patient care, our registered dietitians, pharmacy team, and clinical support nurses monitor the patient’s wellbeing and response to IDPN/IPN therapy, making adjustments to their personalized formula when necessary to improve the patients overall nutrition outcomes.

The Patient Care America Team is available 24/7 by phone for follow up questions as needed 866-348-0441

In-service nurses are also available for IPN starts either in person or on the phone with either the patient or PD nurse. Additionally, our licensed pharmacists follow up with each account, specifically the renal dietitian, to monitor the patient’s wellbeing on NutriRite™. Because each NutriRite™ formulation is unique to the patient’s prescription, pharmacists will make adjustments to the formula if necessary to improve nutritional outcomes. This partnership between our pharmacists and renal dietitians serves to optimize patient care.

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Simply complete and submit PCA’s Referral Form and submit online or fax to 1-888-503-6982. Our Patient Care Coordinators are also ready to assist you with referrals at 866-348-0441.

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