To complement our therapies, Patient Care America offers exclusive patient and clinician services that produces positive outcomes and benefits the patient. These value added services are provided by Patient Care America as part of our overall therapeutic experience and patient centered approach.

Patient Care America offers the following services to its accounts:


Patient Care America in partnership with clinical laboratories have designed the NutriTrak℠ program to assist renal dietitians in their assessment of their patient’s renal nutritional therapy. NutriTrak℠ is an ideal tool to review the efficacy of NutriRite™ Protein Infusion Therapy. Because we realize that sometimes it may take a patient up to six months or more to see improvements in their lab values while on NutriRite™, the NutriTrak℠ program measures a patient’s monthly progress via a quarterly report. NutriTrak℠ tracks both Serum Albumin level and Dry Weight of the patient on NutriRite™ for hemodialysis.

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NutriPlan 7℠ Oral Protein Jumpstart

Like our name implies, Patient Care America truly cares for our patients. Because malnourished patients require time to replenish their amino acids and nutrients to a healthy level, we designed NutriPlan 7℠ to provide NutriRite® patients with an additional oral protein boost so they start feeling better sooner. Patients who sign up for the NutriPlan 7℠ program will receive four servings of oral protein supplements each week for the first 90 days they are on therapy. The supplements, either concentrated liquid protein or protein bars, arrive as part of the patient’s weekly shipment of NutriRite® IDPN or NutriRite Home™ IDPN or IPN bags and are sent home with in-clinic IDPN patients to be taken on days when they don’t have dialysis.

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Patient Plus℠

At Patient Care America, we put the patient in the center of all we do. To facilitate this, we developed the Patient Plus℠ program, which allows the patient engagement in their care. Through educational tools, games, and activities, patients are able to comprehend and comply with their nutritional treatment plan and reach their nutritional goals.

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Clinical Support

Each account at Patient Care America has its own Patient Care Team. The Patient Care Team consists of the account’s NutriRite™ Specialist, their Patient Care Intake Coordinator, our Nursing staff, our Licensed Pharmacists, and our Warehouse team. Each account is provided with contact information to reach their Patient Care Team for questions, requests, or information.

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