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Whether you are a physician, a health care professional, or a patient, you have come to the right place. Patient Care America, a national and trusted provider of specialty pharmaceuticals, is prepared to assist you in healthcare solutions with the highest quality patient care to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

  • Care. – Renal nutrition therapy focused on patient-specific needs.
  • Experience. – Patient Care America is committed to exceptional quality service in every single detail.

  • Quality. – The highest quality in patient care.

Our dedicated, multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, nurses, dietitians and other professionals have decades of experience servicing patients with end-stage renal disease, and other chronic health issues. Learn more.

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NutriRite® IDPN Therapy is a supplemental form of parenteral nutrition prescribed to provide malnourished hemodialysis patients with the protein, calories and other nutrients that their body needs for strength and energy.

NutriRite Home™ IDPN and IPN therapies are designed to provide malnourished home dialysis patients with a customized nutritional therapy formula to improve their nutritional status, health, and well-being.

Patient Care America’s NutriPlan +℠ Oral Nutrition Supplement Programs are designed to provide NutriRite® patients with an additional oral protein boost so they start feeling better sooner. Patients who sign up for one of the NutriPlan+℠ programs can choose from a variety of oral supplements, including a plant-based option.

At Patient Care America, we put the patient in the center of all we do. To facilitate this, we developed the Patient Plus℠ program, which provides tools for dietitians and dialysis centers and allows patients to become more engaged in their care.



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Patient Care America is a healthcare service organization comprised of dedicated professionals committed to the highest quality patient care to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

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Ensuring the Highest Quality Patient Care

Patient Care America is committed to providing the highest quality patient care and safety

through continuous compliance with all national regulations and industry best practices.

Accreditation allows us to examine and improve on our techniques, equipment and training processes on

a regular basis while clearly outlining PCA’s high standards to our employees.

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